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Kathleen Shimeta

Published Articles, Speeches & Interviews

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International Alliance of Women In Music - Vol. 26, No. 2 (2020)

Library of Congress Blog: Inquiring Minds - July, 2019

Library of Congress Gazette - July 2019

Association of Canadian Women Composers - Fall/Winter 2018:

Pan Pipes - Sigma Alpha Iota - Summer 2016

Pan Pipes - Sigma Alpha Iota - Spring 2016

WomenArts Quarterly Journal - Fall 2012

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Association of Canadian Women Composers - Fall/Winter 2019

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"Bringing Branscombe Back to the National League ofAmerican PenWomen: A Composer Lost, Now Found!"

Given June and July  2022 for the National Monthly Meeting

Given November 2022 for the Santa Clara, CA Chapter

Interviews & Podcasts

Listen to Kathleen's Podcast for The Ladies Speak:

Listen and watch Kathleen's interview with Theodora Cottarel of Helios Opera Company:
Watch Kathleen's interview with Carolyn Sebron regarding The Gena Branscombe Project:

Read Kathleen's interview with Kathy Pate regarding Pilgrims of Destiny:

Listen to Kathleen's interview with Mary Lou Schagena regarding her CD Ah! Love, I Shall Find Thee: The Songs of Gena Branscombe:

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